eFax vs. MyFax vs. HelloFax: Fax Services Compared
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eFax vs. MyFax vs. HelloFax: Fax Services Compared

The eFax site is ideal for those who plan on handling a huge number of faxes during the month due to its archiving ability. MyFax is an effective service if you need to run a small business as cheaply as possible. HelloFax is especially good for those in a pinch who need to send faxes right now.
Covered in this report
eFax — Best Features
Checking fax data both incoming and outgoing from email.
Archive diving feature makes it easy to find old faxes.
Best for: Those who want to send large files via fax.
Best deal: eFax Plus Coupon - Free For 30 Days - [activate coupon]
MyFax — Best Features
Send faxes through either web or email.
Have one fax delivered to multiple email addresses.
Best for: Businesses that need a cheap fax solution online.
Best deal: Free Shipping on Orders of $100 or More - [activate coupon]
HelloFax — Best Features
Simple to use Chrome extension lets you fax from browser quickly.
Receive faxes through a mobile device easily.
Best for: Those who want to use a mobile device for faxing.

Gone are the days where you have to find a fax machine from your closet if you need to send out a quick fax somewhere. It’s now possible to send a fax using only any computing device capable of browsing the Internet. You’ll still need to scan the document somehow, of course, but you can often do this completely through your phone. Here’s a thorough comparison of some of the


The eFax service is an effective choice if you want to take in faxes from elsewhere because many other fax sites really can’t do this. Other sites focus more on allowing you to send faxes instead of receive them.


  • Free Trial-There’s definitely a free trial you can use through the site to see whether you’ll like it or not. Sites like PCMag say that this is a 30-day trial, although it does require you entering a credit card in order to get access to it.
  • Send/Receive Fax Via Email-It’s definitely convenient to be able to send faxes and also receive them using only email, especially in a day and age where you can send emails from just about anywhere, including not only smartphones but even smaller devices like smart watches. This also makes it easier to automate the whole thing.
  • Simple Setup-There’s not a lot of effort that you need to expend to get eFax going. This makes it good for beginners.
  • Share Large Files-You can share files all the way up to 1 GB through an eFax account. This tends to be larger than other options available out there.
  • Archive Search-The eFax site allows you to search for faxes by going to the part in the upper left corner of the Message Center. There’s a box there to search through archives of all of your past faxes.



MyFax Is a fairly economical approach for getting your electronic fax needs met. This can be invaluable if you’re running a business, for example. Many of the features you get through MyFax mean that you can cut down on business procedures that are repetitious, such as sending the same fax to different addresses or getting copies of faxes to several different people.


  • Free Trial-MyFax allows you to try it out for 30 days, and you can access the trial right through the main page, so it’s not going to take a lot of digging around to get to it.
  • Send Faxes Through Email-You can send faxes both through the website itself and through your email address.
  • Multiple Email Addresses-If you want one fax to be sent to multiple email addresses, this is something you can do through the service. This can come in handy if you want to make sure that everyone in your organization or business is privy to certain important faxes, for example.
  • Send Faxes to 50 People at the Same Time-One of the more frustrating things about faxes is that many services make you send a new fax over and over again if you want to get the same document to multiple people. This isn’t the case when it comes to this service since you can send multiple at once.


HelloFax has been reviewed by Wired, Time, Lifehacker and the New York Times. It’s one of the most reviewed fax sites out there these days. It has a very easy to use interface as well. It’s particularly effective when it comes to getting faxes out quickly in a pinch since you can do it with your phone and you get 5 for free along with the quick setup that you can actually just do through Google.


  • ChromeExtension-You can get the HelloFax Chrome extension which lets you fax 5 free pages. It has a high rating of 4 out of 5 on the Chrome extension store with more than 1500 reviews. It integrates your browser and your HelloFax account, and it allows for receiving faxes through mobile.
  • Intuitive Interface-It’s easy to use the website interface, since everything is intuitive. They have the “connect through Google” option too for those who are in a terrible hurry.
  • Cloud Service Connection-You can connect with cloud services such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and others in order to make it easy to send documents through fax.
  • Send 5 Faxes Free-If you’re in a pinch and you need to get faxes sent out or received right now rather than later with a high-quality service than HelloFax can accommodate this since you get 5 of them for free. This is total, however, and not per month. It’s also worth noting that there are other services that give you free faxes every day, though the quality might not be as good since some of them actually require you to put advertisements on the front page of your faxes.

Head to Head


One of the downsides to eFax is definitely that it can be a bit pricey. For one thing, you have to pay a setup fee of either $10 or $20 depending on the tier that you’re in. For another, you only get 150 pages per month that apply to both incoming and outgoing pages for a little under $17. This is called eFax Plus. If you want 200, it’s $19.95 for the eFax Pro option. If at any time you exceed this, it’s 10 cents per page. This definitely makes eFax more expensive than other options such as MyFax, for example.

MyFax only costs $10 a month for the service. This is one of the cheapest prices around, and it’s nearly a 50% decrease on what eFax offers with many of the same features. It’s known online for being highly affordable compared to many other options, and not just eFax. PCMag recommends it for just this reason, for example.

Pricing at HelloFax starts at $10 per month for the “Home Office” version of the plan. This is comparable to MyFax in terms of pricing, and you get 300 fax pages per month, which is more than what you get at MyFax. If you want 500 per month, then you should go with the “Professional” version which goes for $20 per month. HelloFaxhas 1000 faxes per month for $40. If you go annual, the price dips by $80 or so for the plans.

Overall, MyFax and HelloFax are both cheaper options compared to eFax, though HelloFax definitely gives you the larger number of faxes. You also get full cloud storage options, email to fax, and other features for the same price. HelloFax also looks like the better option for small businesses since the small business plan gives you 20 different operators. It makes it easy to run a full business that needs large fax volume.


The eFax service allows you to both send and receive faxes. This is unique compared to the other options in many cases because the other services don’t allow you to receive faxes as often. Unfortunately, many organizations, including government organizations and more old school businesses, still require faxes as a way to exchanging information. This means that services like eFax can definitely come in handy if you need to send in information to a government agency that they won’t receive any other fast way, such as through email or text. Another thing worth mentioning is that you can get a signature added into your fax trough the Message Center. There’s a step by step approach you can use on the site. This makes it easy to get some guidance about setting it up if this is what you want to do. The process essentially works by allowing you to send a document to yourself after signing it. You can then save the signature as an image to add it to any fax you want.

When it comes to MyFax, apparently it can be hard to get numbers for all area codes, so it might be better to go elsewhere if you have an obscure one, or if you end up with the same problem when you try signing up, for example. It’s also possible to send faxes to 50 different reviews all simultaneously if this is something that you want to do. And it certainly could be, if your goal is related to business. It’s often necessary to get documents into many different organizations simultaneously, for example.

HelloFax has the downside of not having very much fax storage organization or indexing. This is compared to eFax which has great fax indexing and an easy way to search, which is simply by click on the search box. This means that if you really want to search through faxes quickly, you’d be better off going with eFax over HelloFax. The place where HelloFax really excels is generally when it comes to speed and getting set up in a hurry since you can use the Google button for this.

Overall, Hellofax doesn’t have any hidden fees, unlike eFax which has a setup fee which you could see as hidden, which is a bit of an unfortunate feature of the site. Ease of setup is going to go to HelloFax, with eFax looking like one of the more difficult places to set up due at least partially to the fact that there’s some extra setup fees there, as well as the fact that it’s going to be harder to use the site for setting up quickly since it’s no intuitive as much.


The eFax site gets some mixed reviews. They really go up and down the gamut. It gets 3 stars from PcMag, for example, which is still a “good” rating. It definitely gives places like MyFax a better rating without a doubt. Reviewers point out that eFax has serious issues when it comes to approving digital signatures. As these are sometimes required for important documents that you might have to fax digitally to a business or government agency, it’s worth considering a different option first if this is something that you have to do.

MyFax wins the PC Editor’s Choice award for reviews for 2016 when it comes to online faxes. It also gets good reviews from Top Ten Reviews and other places too, generally. At the very least, few people complain about the price. MyFax has the ability to cancel through email, which means that it could often be easier than other services to cancel. This is because many other fax services, including many other services in general, will make you cancel through a phone number because it’s specifically designed to make your experience of canceling unpleasant. You’ll be put on hold, you’ll be disconnected randomly, you’ll be argued with incessantly, all so that you won’t cancel anything that’s based on subscription, such as fax services. But, MyFax doesn’t have this particular issue.

HelloFax gets positive reviews from places like Tom’s Guide where they get 7 out of 10. The complaints in reviews for the site is often that there’s not much in the way of fax storage, and you also don’t get a lot of customization options such as for covers for your faxes. In fact, many other sites even force you to take their own covers which could have ads in them. FindaFax tends to view the site as middle of the road when compared up against the other options. Sites like Reviews.com also give it high ratings talking about its large amount of compatibility with places like Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box, and DropBox, as well as the helpful blog that it runs among other features.

Overall, MyFax has the downside of giving you severe limitations regarding what you can send per month in terms of pages. This includes 100 fax pages for sending and 200 for receiving. After this, it’s 10 cents per page. HelloFax has the distinct advantage of making it easy to both sign up and to get started right away as a beginner. If you decide that you need to use a fax service exhaustively, you’re going to be better off going with something other than HelloFax, which reviewers say is often bad at archiving. On the other hand, HelloFax is your service if you want speed and ease of use.

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